Report Name: Will This Car Save the World?

Report Subtitle: Tesla Model 3 Global Market Sizing and Forecast

Pages: 84

Primary Author: Sam Jaffe

Date Published: March 28, 2016

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Content summary

On March 31, 2016, Tesla Motors will reveal the Model 3, one of the most anticipated new car launches of the last few decades. The model 3 is the culmination of Tesla’s strategic vision to transform the transportation sector. Thanks to all of the building blocks it has created over the last few years (the Supercharger network, the GigaFactory, Tesla Energy, etc.), Tesla is now in a position to act on its dream of changing transportation as we know it. This report is an analysis of all the numbers behind the Model 3, from battery prices to battery pack bill of materials, from market size of specific vehicle types to market penetration of past Tesla models. It includes a full market forecast for the Model 3, but it also includes the numbers that underlie the assumptions of that forecast, including commodities availability, manufacturing economics, materials pricing, car market dynamics and the progress of consumer acceptance of Electric Vehicles. Tesla is an especially difficult company to analyze, thanks to its quirky ideas and its willingness to take risks on strategic initiatives. However the need for analyzing Tesla is at an all-time high: the company is the first successful car startup outside of China in the last 100 years. It has consistently proven its critics wrong and outperformed expectations. To understand the modern car industry, one has to understand Tesla and its place in it.

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