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The battery and energy storage industry is quickly gaining prominence in the global economy. From pushing our cars to powering our phones to managing the grid, batteries are becoming ubiquitous and integral in many different elements of the modern lifestyle. Batteries have gone from a small part of larger systems to a constant (and sometimes infuriating) companion.

The change in the battery industry that we have seen in the last two decades is only the beginning of a massive re-ordering of this fundamental part of the global economy. Cairn ERA predicts that the battery industry will increase by an order of magnitude in the coming ten years. That will impact almost every industry that comprises the modern economy.

The Cairn ERA Energy Storage and Battery Subscription Service is a data-intensive portal into the dynamic battery industry. It consists of three fundamental services:

  • The Energy Storage and Battery Database
    • A complete database of all major battery markets that includes sizing and forecasts:
      • Stationary Storage
        • Stationary Storage-Grid
        • Stationary Storage-Reserve Power
      • Electric Vehicles
        • EV-Automotive
        • EV-E-Bus
        • EV-E-Bikes
        • EV-Other Transportation
      • Consumer Electronics
        • Consumer Electronics-Phones
        • Consumer Electronics-Tablets
        • Consumer Electronics-PC’s
        • Consumer Electronics-Other Devices
      • Power Tools
      • Medical Batteries
      • Defense Batteries
      • Other Markets
    • All market forecasts include pricing data and forecasts, regional segmentation, major country segmentation, application segmentation, battery chemistry segmentation and other segmentations where appropriate
    • All data is stated in terms of US Dollar Revenue, Energy Capacity (in KWH) and Power Capacity (in KW) and, in some cases, cells produced.
    • Technologies covered include Li-ion (including cathode sub-chemistries), other secondary battery chemistries, primary battery chemistries, ultracapacitors and other energy storage technologies (including flywheels, compressed air, pumped hydro and others)
  • 10 Annual Update Reports
    • These reports will vary from 2 to 10 pages in length and cover specific topics that are newsworthy and impact the battery and energy industries directly or indirectly
    • Examples of update reports can be found here.
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry
    • Each subscription service client will have unlimited analyst inquiry hours through direct communication with the analyst
    • Inquiries are defined as specific questions that can be answered directly by the analyst’s knowledge or by two hours or less of primary or secondary research
    • Additionally, all clients have scheduled touch-in calls on a bi-weekly to bi-monthly basis, depending on the client’s needs

These three offerings together allow you to access an enormous amount of data while also getting precise and articulate reports about changing events and, on top of that, get access to the expert guidance of the subject matter expert to solve specific data-centric or contextual problems.