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Journalists around the world quote Cairn ERA in stories about energy storage and related topics. Managing Director Sam Jaffe has decades of experience working with the press, providing background interviews and live broadcast interviews. Contact Cairn ERA at



Recent media mentions:


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Fortune, April 2016quote in fusion

Wall Street Journal, April 2016

Green Tech Media, April 2016

Tech Vibes, April 2016

Quartz, April 2016

Initium News (China), April 2016

Baidu (China), April 2016

Cafe F (Vietnam), April 2016

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Bloomberg, March 2016

Fortune, March 2016

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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 2016

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Investing News Network, November 2015

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Nature, October 2015

Fusion, October 2015

PV Magazine, October 2015

PV Magazine (Germany), October 2015