When a company launches a new product, data is your friend. A contextual understanding of the pricing environment, competitive landscape, existing market dynamics and technological disruptions are all important elements of the foundation of a successful go-to-market strategy. However, a qualitative description of the above elements is only the beginning. Robust quantitative data should underlie each of the above points.

Cairn ERA’s expertise is on both sides of the quantitative/qualitative divide. Utilizing our large database of historical sales and installations and of forecasts of future sales and installations, Cairn ERA can build a sound Go-To-Market Strategy that is based on a foundation of strong, clean data.


Case Study:

A battery components manufacturer based in Germany approached Cairn ERA to provide a Go-to-Market Strategy for a battery sub-component assembly for use in a new generation of batteries. Cairn ERA provided forecasts of multiple battery chemistries and detailed points of technology differentiation amongst existing component manufacturers. Additionally, Cairn ERA provided specific details on the pricing dynamics of existing suppliers which allowed the client to choose a price point that was competitive while also capturing the full value of its product’s standing in the marketplace.