Will This Car Change The World? The Numbers Behind Tesla’s Model 3

March 30, 2016


On March 31st, Tesla will introduce the Model 3, it’s first mass market automobile. This webcast will present the viewpoint of Cairn Energy Research Advisors on the Model 3. The presentation will be given by Cairn ERA’s managing director, Sam Jaffe, and include breakdowns of Tesla’s supply chain and key components, as well as its model for the Bill-of-Material, production costs and sales forecasts for the Model 3. All of this will be set in the landscape of the current landscape of the automotive industry. The Model 3 has the potential to be one of the most disruptive new products in the history of the automotive industry. This presentation will give a detailed analysis of the Model 3’s potential for delivering on its promise to change the future of transportation. A more detailed report will also be available.

This webinar will be presented three different times. Registrations are limited.

Wed. March 30, 1-1:45 pm ET (best suited for North America-based attendees): (completed)

Thurs. March 31, 11 am Tokyo time, (best suited for Asia-based attendees): Register Here

Wed. March 30, 1 pm Paris time (best suited for Europe-based attendees): (completed)




Balance-of-System Costs

May 4, 2016

In co-ordination with the Energy Storage Association.

It takes more than just batteries to provide an energy storage system solution. The balance-of-system of a modern ESS is one of the least understood parts of the energy storage equation. Components (including inverters, wiring, racking, Battery Management System, fire detection and suppression, enclosure, assembly costs and installation costs) can vary widely in price based on vendor, scale of order and quality of subcomponents. Cairn ERA will be providing data from its latest research on balance-of-system costs for stationary energy storage systems. Additionally, Flextronics will be providing an overview of their offerings in the ESS arena. Please send us an email to get registration information or to be notified of the upcoming webcast schedule.